For private individuals

Most frequently asked questions from individuals

For organizations

Most frequent questions from legal persons and sole proprietors

  • How to become AUTOHELP partner?Open or Close

    Legal persons or individual entrepreneurs can join AUTOHELP systemby sending a request at the operator's website programs. Application would be considered in shortest terms.

  • Conditions for entry into systemOpen or Close

    Conclusion of a treaty with system operator is imperative in for joiningthe program and for information about new member to be posted at the operator's website.A memeber has all rights to emit program cards (that is conducted by system operator and technologicalexecutor according to the request). Each member as a program partner and/or card emission client providesindividual discounts and preferences for cardholders.

  • What kind of responsibilities would I obtain after joining the system?Open or Close

    Faithful implementation of the commitments and provision of timely informationto the operator (ALC “Mobil Auto Help Company” about all plannedchanges in the provision of services under the program.

  • How can I benefit from becoming a partner? Open or Close

    - Attraction of new clients, customers including foreign visitors;

    - Increase in sales;

    - Organizational and informational support from program operator;

    - Information about partners is posted on information resources of operating company;

    - Efficient partnership, mutual promotion, implementation of projects and campaignstogether with program operator;

    - Improved quality of customer service and modern opportunities for shopping;

    - Rise in the loyalty of new and old customers;

    - Multifunctionality of emmited cards improves attractivenessof this marketing tool.