the Republic of Belarus
Guest Card

Republic of Belarus Guest Card is a unique touristic loyaltyprogram. It actively develops and works since 2010.

Main goals of creation and functioning of this program is to supportand improve the country's touristic image.

Major task of the program - attraction of tourists to the Republic of Belarus. To fulfill this program together with the Ministry of sport and tourism our operating company developed a platform to create most attractive conditions for foreign visitors. Central idea of the platform is to provide best discounts, bonuses and price reductionsaround the country. On this purpose our operating company established cooperation with largest state and private companies from Belarus and near abroad.

Accounting all program's goals, the most prioritized directions to developare the following: transport sector, hotel services, consumer goods, cafes and restaurants, finance services, various household services.

During the work time the program was joined by partners from all over the country - «ГУМ», «ЦУМ», trading house «На Немиге», «АМАТИСТА», chain store «ВИНО», chain store «РАДЗИВИЛЛОВСКИЙ», medical centre «Нордин» and more.

To date 2019 system includes more than 1000 active partners. More than 2000 points of sales in Belarus accept our branded card. These points are marked with special stickers proving one can get a discount just by showing a Republic of Belarus Guest Card.

How to get a discount using a Republic of Belarus Guest Card?

receive a Card

Order online on our website or from our partners - ask at the points of sale!

Proceed online Step 1

Chose a discount

Proceed to the catalog to view all discounts from our partners.

Catalog Step 2

Show your card

Before purchasing show a card to salesman/cashier.

Step 3

Get a discount

Save your money now!

Step 4

The Republic of Belarus Guest Card benefits

Partner companies catalog

More than 2000 points of sale around Belarus provide discounts invarious categories: auto, shops and online stores, cafes and restaurants, health and beauty, recreation and tourism, entertainment and other services.

Proceed Guest Card

Guest Card can be processed online, purchased from official distributor - in Minsk Tourist Information Centre, or received under local programs (in partner organizations).