Accounting system development

User's accounting system We create web-systems for systematization of information in organization.

Accounting system is a web-site in Internet with different user's access levels. Registration of users (members and employees) is proceeded in order to future accounting and required information submission depending on a company's field of activity.

Discount module with plastic card (ID-card) and individual design with user's personal data is an additional element. The work of the card is based on AUTOHELP technological platform and integrates 2 functions: inner identification document and bonus plastic card which provides discounts in more than 1000 organizations around Belarus.

Accounting system is useful for:

Main elements of the accounting system

The system consists of 2 main elements:


Internet page with database, functionality and capacity all adaptedto the needs of the particular organization.

System card

Plastic card with user's identification data and discount/bonus content.

Accounting system functional capacity:

Login/password authorization

Personal card creation and edit

System of rights with different access levels

Database selection search

A certain status attribution system

Block of the members statistics

Automatical number attribution for personal cards

Necessary report uploading

Any other functional modifications and program modules are possible if necessary


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