Youth Card

Youth ticket is your social support! New type of Membership BRYU Card based on AUTOHELP card

The Belarusian Republican Youth Union together with Mobil Auto Help Company (AUTOHELP) implemented a project Youth ticket is your social support!.This program includes distribution of a new membership tickets based on plastic cards with different identification modules to all of the Youth Union members. Cards operate on technological platform AUTOHELP and allow cardholders to use all of its benefits and preferences.

What options are offered by AUTOHELP program?

Under the program all holders of plastic cards (membership tickets) of the established form may become members of AUTOHELP partner organizations loyalty program across Belarus.

Who might be a member of AUTOHELP program?

All holders of youth ticket of established form automatically join AUTOHELP program:

For complete usage of all program capacities we recommend to register the card. Youth plastic card holders would be the first to receive all relevant information about special offers and new system partners.

Receive a Youth ticket

To process a youth ticket of a new type please contact your territorial committee.