Loyalty program

Unified Loyalty program AUTOHELP Single discount card in Your wallet!

AUTOHELP program is one of the first and largest discount programs in the belorussian marketplace. First cards were emmited more than 10 years ago and have been highly rated by users. The idea of getting instant discounts and bonuses with any purchase became really in-demand.

Convenience and universality of AUTOHELP cards allows its easy usage in a wide partner network simply by showing a card before purchasing. Nowadays partner network comprises more than 1 000 companies around Belarus.

With AUTOHELP card one can save up to 15-20% of monthly budget while purchasing different goods and services in various spheres: food, clothing, entertainment, tourism, etc.

1 000 000+ Emmited cards
2 000+ Service points
1 000+ partner companies

Programs in AUTOHELP system

Loyalty program AUTOHELP

Classical variant unites different variations of co-branding projects with partner organizations. These cards can be made in 2 designs: classical and totally unique.


the Republic of Belarus Guest Card

This program is primarily aimed at guests of Belarus Republic.Main goal is to attract tourists to our country and provide them with good conditions of purchase of goods and services.


Minsk City Guest Card

Current project was created in order to attract tourists and foreign visitors to the city of Minskand to improve the image of Minsk as cultural centre of Belarus.


RAZAM Coalition Loyalty Program

This project is based on creation of unified network of large partner companies,where RAZAM card holders can get bonuses for purchasing from one partner companyand pay for goods and services to another one. All info is available in personal account.


Youth BRYU Youth Card

Collaborative program of The Belarusian Republican Youth Union togetherwith AUTOHELP company is aimed at social support of belorussian youth.


EuroShell Fuel Cards

Unique program for legal persons and individual entrepreneurs, who possesses own vehicle fleet.Shell Card benefits: statistics of fuel usage, installment, VAT refunds, charges remuneration and more.


How to get a discount with AUTOHELP card

receive a Card

Order online on our website or from our partners - ask at the points of sale!

Proceed online Step 1

Chose a discount

Proceed to the catalog to view all discounts from our partners.

Catalog Step 2

Show your card

Before purchasing show a card to salesman/cashier.

Step 3

Get a discount

Save your money now!

Step 4

AUTOHELP card benefits

Partner companies catalog

More than 2000 points of sale around Belarus provide discounts invarious categories: auto, shops and online stores, cafes and restaurants, health and beauty, recreation and tourism, entertainment and other services.

Card processing

Guest Card can be processed online, purchased from officialdistributor - in Minsk Tourist Information Centre, or received underlocal programs (in partner organizations).