AUTOHELP Company is an implementing partner of Shell Company in the Republic of Belarus.

EuroShell cards provide ample opportunities for businesses with personal vehicle fleet, such as:

  1. Full fuel costs control (Shell Card Online personal cabinet shows all requested information about fuel costs, with detailed statistic and figures);
  2. Beneficial pricing with an individual discount option;
  3. Additional card functions: road charges/toll payments, transits across the bridge/tunnels tolls in European countries;
  4. Entirely non-cash payment, all information accessible in electronic format with an opportunity to refund VAT in 12 European countries;
  5. High-quality Shell fuel and complete information support for customers.

Сеть АЗС SHELL и партнеров

Procced EuroShell Cards

Who benefits from Shell fuel card?

Primarily, freight operators working on an international directions. Secondly, companies with personal vehicle fleet.


At the moment fuel card are issued for free (0 BYN) regardless of the amount.

More information can be found at EuroShell Belarus website: